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360 Pro Components

Component Marketing Solutions
Digital Magic Productions is currently in the process of developing a full one-stop marketing package for Real Estate Agents based on a component model. Subscribe to one of our systems and your account will be capable of subscribing to or ordering from any other component in our marketing system. No more remembering dozens of passwords for your on-line support systems — we are working to provide you with every tool you could possibly need for your marketing.

Current Components

ProHomeSites ProHomeSites®
Our Real Estate posting and management site for self-service virtual tours. Use our Do-It-Yourself system to create virtual tours for your listings and market them to MLS and search systems across the country, including

360 Pro Tour 360 Pro Tour®
Our Real Estate posting site for our professionally photographed listings. Digital Magic Productions specializes in high-quality photography for Real Estate, giving your listing a lasting impression for all who see it.

Components In-Production

360 Pro Blast
Our Real Estate marketing site for delivering email-based electronic flyers to thousands of Real Estate Agents — and for less than a penny a piece. Market any listing stored in our ProHomeSites® OR 360 Pro Tour® system to every agent in your area or surrounding areas, choosing from up to 1.2 Million Real Estate Agents nationwide.

360 Pro Brochure
Our Real Estate marketing site for creating templated or custom brochures for your listings. With dozens of brochure templates and hundreds of color combinations, you can create beautiful one or two-sided brochures for any listing on our ProHomeSites® OR 360 Pro Tour® system, and have us print them for you or print them yourself. You can even include your custom brochures on your listing template next to the default templated brochure for your viewers to print.

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